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SG Vehicles to Cease Unfair Trade Practices

Singapore , 19 April 2019

The State Courts have made an order for the SG Vehicles group of companies (“SG Vehicles”) and their director, Ms. Tan Whye Peck, Juliet, to stop engaging in unfair trade practices under the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act (Cap. 52A (“CPFTA”). The Court Order takes effect from 18 April 2019.

SG Vehicles did not dispute CCCS’s investigations of the complaints against SG Vehicles, which revealed evidence of unfair trade practices under the CPFTA. By parties’ mutual agreement, the Court Order was issued, following an injunction application filed by CCCS against SG Vehicles with the court on 19 December 2017. Specifically, the Court Order prohibits SG Vehicles, whether by themselves, their directors, servants, agents or otherwise from:
(a) engaging in unfair practices under the CPFTA;
(b) doing or saying anything, or omitting to do or say anything, if as a result a consumer might reasonably be deceived or misled into believing that the purchase price and/or COE is/are fixed or guaranteed;
(c) making any false claim to a consumer as to any guaranteed delivery date of a motor vehicle; and
(d) taking advantage of a consumer if the supplier knows or ought reasonably to know that the consumer is not reasonably able to understand the character, nature, language or effect of the transaction or any matter related to the transaction.

For the Court Order and more information, please visit www.cccs.gov.sg/media-and-consultation/newsroom/media-releases/sg-vehicles-to-cease-unfair-trade-practices.