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Since the first election in 1993, the liberalization of Cambodia’s economy has led to widespread regulation of goods and services. There were huge numbers of faulty goods which passed the expiration date, products that are not in-line with safety international standards, improper labelling of products, as well as banned products that are freely marketed in Cambodia. As a result, the law on Management of Quality and Safety of Products and Services was enacted in 2000.

The current priorities for the implementation of consumer protection law are:

  • Enhanced enforcement of consumer protection law by consumer protection agency, in particular in regards to food and product safety and labelling, and
  • The provision of accessible and affordable mechanism for consumer redress.

Cambodia's consumer protection legislation is being drafted, and the Government of Cambodia is making every effort possible to enact the law at the earliest possible.

The governmental focal point for consumer protection matters in Cambodia currently is the Cambodia import Export Inspection and Fraud Repression Directorate-General (CAMCONTROL), under the Ministry of Commerce.

CAMCONTROL (www.camcontrol.gov.kh) is responsible for:

  • Ensuring the quality and safety of products and services for the protection of consumers’ health and safety;
  • Ensuring the protection of consumers’ economic interests;
  • Ensuring the compliance of the regulatory requirements related to trade; and
  • Providing the service of commercial inspection as third party.