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Training Manuals on Healthcare Services

ASEAN , 19 November 2018

The project “Development of Teaching Tools to Apply Good Consumer Protection Practices in 6 Priority Sectors” is among the consumer protection initiatives supported by the ASEAN-Australian Development Cooperation Program Phase II (AADCP II). It is an offshoot of an earlier project, “Strengthening Technical Competency for Consumer Protection in ASEAN,” which produced technical modules on 6 Priority Sectors, namely: (1) Consumer Credit and Banking; (2) Product Safety and Labeling; (3) Environment; (4) Phones, Internet Services, and E-commerce; (5) Health Care Services; and (6) Professional Services, with the assistance of UNCTAD.

This training module focuses on Healthcare Services in the ASEAN Member States.  It aims to provide trainees, who are officials and heads of agencies, with additional competencies in terms of technical knowledge, better understanding of industry policies and practices, and skills in improving standards of practice and enhancing the welfare of consumer protection in general. Developing competent and well-trained officials to administer current laws as well as design and implement new ones is a necessary pre-requisite to enhancing the welfare of ASEAN consumers in relation to health services.

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