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Stores face the music over unethical practices

Brunei Darussalam , 03 June 2022

Three retail stores yesterday found themselves in hot water for price tag display violations, following price discrepancy complaints by consumers. Two of the stores were issued warning notices, while the third, a repeat offender, was fined BND 1,000 (728 USD).

The third store committed a similar offense in March this year, resulting in a BND 700 fine (509 USD), said the Department of Competition and Consumer Affairs (DCCA) at the Department of Economic Planning and Statistics (DEPS), Ministry of Finance and Economy.

The Price Tag Display Order and Consumer Protection (Fair Trade) Order are enforced to protect consumers from unethical business practices. Traders must be sensitive and employ ethical business practices, which include clearly and accurately displaying prices, and not misleading consumers in making purchasing decisions.

Ethical business practices are fundamental in building consumer trust and creating a healthy business environment, DCCA said.

Traders found in violation of the Price Tag Display Order may be subject to a maximum fine of BND 20,000 (USD 14,560) and five years imprisonment.

Consumers who have fallen victim to misleading business practices can lodge a report to DCCA via Darussalam Line 123, the PenggunaBijak mobile application or e-mail aduanpengguna@jpes.gov.bn/consumercomplaint@jpes.gov.bn, with supporting documents attached.