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National Consumer Protection Program (Myanmar)

Myanmar , 24 August 2021

In Myanmar, Department of Consumer Affairs formulated the National Consumer Protection Program (NCPP) with the support of the GIZ. The main purposes of NCPP are to create a sound environment to ensure the safety of consumers regarding goods or services; to strengthen institutions (governmental and non-governmental) responsible for consumer protection and build the capacities of officials, inspectors and consumer advocates; to ensure consumer are sufficiently well-informed and empowered; and to enhance the accessibility, effectiveness and efficiency of the consumer redress system throughout the country.

To achieve the objectives of the NCPP, a series of workshops were organized and these workshops served to gather feedback and suggestions from different stakeholders, such as commissioners, relevant ministries, DOCA officials and consumer advocates. As a result of these discussions, it was agreed that the NCPP shall cover the five core processes namely, (a) Developing and Supporting Consumer Protection Policies; (b) Consumer Education; (c) Communication and Cooperation; (d) Market Surveillance; and (e) Consumer Redress. Under the NCPP, Strategic measures and 36 action lines have been adopted. To implement the initiatives under the NCPP, a period of five years from 2021 to 2025 is envisaged.