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Elmark fined $123,000 for selling unregistered ceiling fans and water heaters

Singapore , 16 December 2021

Elmark Marketing (Elmark), a supplier and distributor of ceiling fans and water heaters pleaded guilty to 25 charges for failing to comply with the Consumer Protection (Safety Requirements) Regulations (CPSR) administered by the Consumer Product Safety Office (CPSO).  These charges include failing to register its ceiling fans and water heaters, which are classified as Controlled Goods, failing to test and certify based on relevant safety standards, and selling them with invalid SAFETY Marks affixed.

The court case concluded on 16 December 2021, with Elmark receiving a fine of SGD 123,000 by the State Courts for violating the requirements under the CPSR. 17 charges for other similar offenses were also taken into consideration for the sentence.

The CPSO began the investigation in February 2019 after receiving a consumer’s feedback on a broken fan blade from an unregistered model of a ceiling fan supplied by the company. Investigations revealed that:

  • Elmark had been supplying unregistered models of ceiling fans and water heaters;
  • Six models of Elmark’s ceiling fans were subsequently found to fail safety tests which pose a potential safety risk for electrocution and fire.

Pursuant to investigations, an advisory was issued to consumers in December 2019 to discontinue the use of 17 models of ceiling fans due to potential safety hazards. No reports of injuries were made to the CPSO. Elmark also recalled the ceiling fans with immediate effect. However, Elmark continued to contravene the CPSR by supplying two of the non-compliant models even after recall. These additional offenses were then included in the charges against Elmark.

To learn more about the CPSR and CPSO as well as news or updates on Singapore Consumer Product Safety, please visit https://www.consumerproductsafety.gov.sg/.