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A store is fined for not displaying price tag on items

Brunei Darussalam , 17 March 2022

The Department of Economic Planning and Statistics (DEPS) at the Ministry of Finance and Economy (MoFE) issued a compound fine on a retail store for infringing the Display of Prices Order.

The store was issued a BND 500 (approximately USD 367.54) fine for failing to display price tags on goods sold at the premises.

The Display of Prices Order obliges businesses to practice ethical business conduct by displaying price tags clearly and accurately, as well as not to misled consumers in making purchasing decisions.

Ethical business conducts is fundamental in building consumer trust, which in turn helps to contribute to creating a healthy business environment.

Businesses found to violate the Display of Prices Order may face a maximum penalty of BND 20,000 (approximately USD 14,701.42) fine and five-year imprisonment.

Any complaints on misleading business conduct can be reported to DEPS through Darussalam Line 123, the PenggunaBijak mobile app, or via email to consumercomplaint@jpes.gov.bn


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